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Safe on the road thanks to steel crash barriers

Flexible steel safety barriers reduce the effects of accidents

The need for passive restraint systems on our roads is growing constantly. An increasing volume of traffic, higher speeds and vehicle weights means the risk of having an accident is constantly on the rise.

The solution: our flexible, energy absorbing steel safety barriers. They can significantly reduce the effects of accidents as, on the one hand, they are stable enough to contain heavy trucks and on the other are flexible enough so that a comparatively light car can be brought to a halt. Serious or even fatal accidents caused by hard impacts can therefore be avoided.

Naturally all the systems we offer are CE certified and fulfil DIN EN 1317, RPS 2009 standards and recommendations issued by the German “Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen” (Federal Highway Research Institute).

As a long time member of the “Gütegemeinschaft Stahlschutzplanken e. V.” (Steel Safety Barrier Quality Control Association), we are always up-to-date with the latest developments and have in-depth expertise as a result of the active role we play in the association and as a member of various safety organisations.

Quality and expertise

We’re there for you when, and for whatever, you need us.

Be it repairs, emergency stand-by, new installations, refitting or short term special projects (like traffic diversions at trade shows), everything is done in a professional manner and on time. In doing so we ensure that the roadworks are carefully coordinated. The materials used meet RAL-RG 620 standards – you are very welcome to take a look at the corresponding test results.

Our strength is our qualified and flexible personnel: as a result of internal and external training courses as well as our employees becoming “qualified safety barrier installation engineers”, we have been able to optimise the installation of our systems – naturally in accordance with the RAL-RG 620 guidelines.

Taking advantage of highly perfected techniques and optimised vehicles and equipment we assemble the safety barriers quickly, inexpensively and professionally with a minimum of interference to road traffic – quality and expertise are high on our list of priorities.